Gear Review: HUK Rogue Wave

What is it?

HUK Rogue Wave

What sets it apart?

There has long existed a line dividing “fishing shoes” from “deck boots.” Dive booties kinda fill in a crossover niche, but let’s be honest, showing up at a bass tournament with this choice of footwear renders one vulnerable to ridicule. HUK has nicely bridged the gap with (cliche alert) a true best-of-both-worlds option — a durable, pull-on boot with a stylish low cut form that will keep you dry and comfortable when feet meet water.

How do I use it?

The Rogue Wave’s full neoprene-lined rubber upper ensures warmth and comfort while keeping water on the outside. The non-marking outsole features GripX Wet Traction, which is designed to grip any surface in every direction and channel water out with every step. The molded footbed provides dependable support for long days on the water, while heavy-duty pull tabs provide durable finger spots. Accented with a raised HUK logo along the side, the Rogue Wave comes in three colors with whole sizes 7-14.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

Rainy days are the most obvious use for the Rogue Wave and the fully waterproof construction will do the job well, but that’s not the only application. Falling lake levels often mean getting your feet wet to launch a boat, but a fully waterproof shoe gives you more coverage, as long as the water’s not high enough to breach the top. What about slippery ramps and floating docks? Whether it’s a little ice or that demon green slime that threatens public humiliation, HUK’s Grip-X traction will help prevent injury to the body and ego.