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Gear Review: Original SteelShad Lure

What is it?

Original SteelShad Lure

What sets it apart?

Designed to replicate dying baitfish, SteelShad has designed a stainless-steel, shad-shaped body molded with lead weight, and fitted with two No. 6 coated hooks — freshwater and saltwater ready. They are available in 11 regionally proven colors that have been designed to mimic baitfish and other forage in bodies of water across the country. Ranging from the 1/4-ounce mini-series to the 2-ounce XXL, there is a bait for every application.

How do I use it?

SteelShad lures can be used for any fish, at any depth, at any time of the year. It has been successfully jigged on the bottom, cast and retrieved and even trolled behind the boat. Choose from any of the colors for any water clarity and matching forage. The stainless-steel bait can be bent to provide action to any side, to accompany the intense vibration right out of the package. Finesse fish the mini-series or fish the XXL on heavy tackle. 

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

Excelling in cold-water situations, the SteelShad will produce bites all season long. The center of gravity with the placement of the weight on the belly of the bait gives the angler the ability to create intense vibrations with minimal movement of the rod tip. Getting a reaction bite is key in high-pressure situations and the SteelShad does just that.