Gear Review: SoftScience SailFin

What is it?

SoftScience SailFin

What sets it apart?

Identifying an underserved market segment, SoftScience recently introduced a line of water shoes designed to fit the female foot with a high level of performance and stability. Featuring a slimmer and more streamlined cut, the SoftScience SailFin provides an athletic-looking, fast-draining and quick-drying sailing and boat shoe made with a youthful vibe, a forefoot water flow system and synthetic textile laces appropriate for land and water.

How do I use it?

SoftScience construction is based on proprietary Trileon technology — a closed cell copolymer that allows the shoes to be lightweight, supportive and surprisingly cushioned. Each pair features a removable, washable insole and a slip-resistant outsole that won’t mark decks. Essential to the SoftScience designs is the Levelast Universal Comfort Platform (UCP), a combination of biomechanics, which ensures a level foot position for proper body alignment, along with a generous toe box that allows natural toe and foot positioning. The result is evenly distributed bodyweight and reduced pressure points.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

For an authentic analysis of the SoftScience SailFin, I enlisted my wife Mercedes on this one. She reports all-day comfort with a fit so light it nearly felt like she wasn’t wearing anything on her feet. Impressive, she notes, was the immediacy of the comfort; no break-in period. The sturdy sole with its generous padding aided each step, while the laces remained at proper tension with no slippage even after a full day on her feet.