Yamaha helps Georgia DNR ramp up conservation efforts


Photos courtesy of Georgia DNR

Georgia DNR and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers staff cooperatively working together to plant and establish native shoreline vegetation at Lake Richard B. Russell.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources – Wildlife Resources Division (DNR) continues its efforts to restore and enhance reservoir fisheries habitat through native aquatic vegetation plantings. 

Native aquatic plants are being cultivated at the Walton Aquatic Greenhouse in Social Circle, Ga. The Walton Aquatic Greenhouse was constructed in 2017 via a partnership with B.A.S.S. Conservation Partner Yamaha Motor Corporation to expand the state’s native aquatic plant program. 

These native plantings not only provide beneficial spawning and nursery habitat for fish and other aquatic animals but also help improve reservoir water quality by stabilizing shoreline areas and reducing sedimentation, erosion and excessive nutrient inputs. 

During its first year of production, staff were able to propagate and plant over 18,000 native aquatic plants that went into nine different state waterbodies. Georgia DNR’s native aquatic vegetation projects have been successful, in part, to great working relationships with other state and federal agencies, the Georgia B.A.S.S. Nation and other local organizations. 

Looking forward, Georgia DNR plans to continue its native aquatic vegetation efforts, as well as explore options to restore reservoir fish habitat across the state and ultimately provide better fishing opportunities for anglers.        

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