Bass fishing’s baddest ideas

Bass anglers are a creative lot.

Some ideas, though, are better left on paper.

Here is a list of items to avoid...if you haven't already tried them.

Funny how some things related to bass fishing seem like such a great idea when you first read about 'em in a magazine or see 'em on a TV fishing show … then they turn out to be a major disappointment (or worse) when you experience it for yourself! Case in point: that “Bass Catcher Tournament Lure Pak” you saw advertised on TV for only $69.95 plus shipping & handling! The fact that the commercial featured a New York actor in a rowboat wearing a pork pie hat with trout flies stuck in it should have raised a red flag, but noooooo … you fell for the pitch anyway! Eight months and $199.99 in credit card charges later (plus shipping and handling, remember?), the goods finally arrive via a tramp steamer from Mumbai! You breathlessly rip open the package to find your “Tournament Lure Pak” consists of two rupees’ worth of pastel colored crappie curly tails! Lesson learned? Maybe! If you’re tempted to be sucked in by any of these other ill-conceived bassin’ ideas, take our advice and forget about it!!

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