Berkley 14 day challenge

Berkley is inviting anglers of all ages and skill levels to participate in a 14 Day Challenge. Launching Monday, March 30th with a video on the Berkley Facebook page and Instagram account featuring Pro Angler Hunter Shryock. The reality of getting away from screens at this time seems difficult when so many outdoor activities are limited because of COVID-19. Luckily, the Fish Through It Challenge encourages fishing enthusiasts to complete daily challenges for a chance to win prizes provided from Berkley.

The day one challenge is “show us the most unique way to rig a Berkley bait.” Here’s a sneak peek of the first week of challenges:

-Day 1: most unique way to rig a Berkley bait
-Day 2: biggest fish ever
-Day 3: best vintage fishing photo
-Day 4: oldest Berkley bait
-Day 5: best trick shot
-Day 6 & 7: before and afters of your tackle organization
Fans can follow along and get the next challenge on Berkley Social Media Pages listed below:
Berkley Facebook page
Berkley Instagram Page

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