Daily Limit: Tank you, very much

Frank Talley can relate to getting by “with a little help from my friends.” Of course, the big Texan lives in a give-and-take world, and for all his giving, he finally got his take.

Talley had a little help, and probably a mountain of positive karma, in his victory at the NOCO Bassmaster Elite at Lake Guntersville last week. Tank, as he’s known on the circuit, has always been gracious and Godly.

On the way to the Lake St. Clair event in August, he was called into duty. Fellow Texan Brad Whatley had an early morning wreck, and it was Talley who got out of bed to assist him in the wee hours. That came back last week at Guntersville when mechanical issues hit Talley on Day 3. After approval from tournament director Trip Weldon, Talley called buddies Whatley and Chris Groh, who came a running up the lake to bring a replacement boat.

“Brad and Chris came out like true soldiers,” Talley said. “I think they were more excited when they saw my fish come out of the livewell than I was. Chris is like, ‘Don’t drop ‘em, Tank, don’t drop ‘em. You have to transport them over here.’

“That’s the comradery we have in the Elite Series. We’re like a family when we’re away from our family. Everybody is there for each other. I want to say thank you guys.”

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