Day Two Quotable

Here are the best lines overheard during the the weigh-in paring the Evan Williams Bourbon All-Star Championship down to the final two, Edwin Evers and Ott DeFoe.

“It really got me clued into what was going to happen the rest of the day.”

- Evers on his largest catch coming in six inches of water early

“I knew I had my work cut out for me today, I just couldn’t hold on.”

- Ashley, the top seed, on facing Evers

 “You hang around you might catch me singing somewhere.”

- Ashley, who said he would sing if he won

“I’m just excited to be fishing tomorrow. It’s a nerve-wracking format.”

- Evers

“Neither one of them. Can you all just give me the check now?

- Evers when asked who he'd rather face Sunday

“At this point, I’m trying to figure out how to get my clothes in my suitcase and leave.”

- Swindle after seeing DeFoe’s bag

“It’ s a good thing Big Show held on to his gas money. I fished every one and his places and didn’t catch anything.”

- Swindle, who defeated Terry Scroggins on Friday

“When you lose to someone like that, hat’s off. Ott brings the noise.”

- Swindle on the all-around impressive rookie DeFoe

“I am due. I’m double due. It keeps happening a lot, but man it’s expensive to keep doing it.”

- DeFoe on Elites seeming to win after having babies – he just had twins

“To think that I’m standing on this stage right here ... at the beginning of the year, I never would have dreamed it.

- DeFoe in his rookie season on the Elite Series



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